The blog is finally happening

Hello. This is a trial. Technically my first post, though it’s more of an introduction. I have always enjoyed sharing my memories. Our memories. As they happened. As they are happening. As they will happen. Not because I am important, or because the memories are important. Although, well they are, to me, at least. But because it’s fun to share life’s ups and downs with each other. Often we realize that we are different, very different as individuals, as groups, as cultures, as nations… yet  we are also very similar in many ways. The ways in which we feel sadness, happiness, love, hope, despair. The ways in which we experience each day, as new as it comes, with all the experience and inexperience that we have. So that’s what my writing is about. It’s about life’s ups and downs. As a young woman. The exhilarating moments and those that we would rather forget. I hope to share with you, with due humility, my view of what we have seen and felt together, as friends, as family, as people, as strangers, even. I hope you will enjoy the blog. I hope that it will give you something to reflect on, to hope for, to remember, to wonder about, to relate to. But well, at the very, very least, I hope it will provide you with something interesting to, well, read! Thanks in advance for your attention. Here we go!