After The Phonecall

After The Phonecall- Written on 31st May 2014

I am grateful that we can talk, whenever we want, for however long we want, about anything and everything.

I am grateful because in those conversations, there is friendship, there is comfort and there is company.

I am grateful because as people go separate ways, or even when they are in the same place, they change, and conversations change. The dialogues become awkward, then distant, then very formal, then infrequent, and eventually non-existent.

In their place comes what we call busy-ness, moving on, distance, space, growth, strangeness, differentness, hello-I-once-cared-about-you-but-that-was-then-this-is-now-ness.

I don’t know that we won’t get to that point too.

I don’t know if years from now we’ll still care the same way.

And talk the same way.

Connect the same way.

What I do know is that in this time, at this point, we can talk and then talk some more and not get tired.

We can share without inhibitions and we can hear the said and the unsaid.

For that, and for you, I am grateful.

Let’s talk again tomorrow.

And the day after.

And the day after.

Until we can’t anymore.

And when that happens, we will look back and remember how it used to be.

And hopefully, the remembrance will give us something.

To talk about again.


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