Still We Soldier On

Written on March 10th, 2014.

On a night that seemed very dark, and dawn seemed so far away.

Still we soldier on.

Life can beat you sometimes.

Things seem to fall apart.

People disappoint you.

Hurt you.

Let you down.

You realize you had a little too much faith in them.

You thought you were on the same page.

But then you realize you’re not eve reading from the same book.

In fact they’re in a completely different library from you altogether.

And then you think, how strong am I meant to be?

How much is one supposed to take with grace and patience?

And the answer is, a lot.

Because you know what ?

Tomorrow might be a better day.

And if not tomorrow, then surely the day after.

And you want to be alive to see it.

To look back and remember how things almost broke you.

But how somehow you held it together.

To look back and remember

How some people made you doubt the goodness of humanity.

But how some came through for you,

and supported you,

and believed in you,

and genuinely, truly,

cared about you,

cared for you.

You must take the boat to shore,

you cannot leave it in the middle of the sea.

And even if the life jackets seem to have disappeared under the seats,

or somewhere unknown,

you cannot let the waves win.

You must stay afloat.

The center must hold.

You must hold the center.

For that, and other reasons,

such as life being a journey and so on,

we do our best to keep it together.




Goodnight, world.


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