Yoga and Buses

Email written to a friend on 8th Feb 2006

Like most letters between friends it covers a myriad of random topics.
I was by then in my 2nd semester of my 1st year of university at Wellesley College, Massachusetts, USA
The aunt who lived in Binghamton is my dad’s sister Aunt Jemmy, and her two daughters, my cousins, Lynda and Tiffy
To go to their place I would take a bus from Boston to New York City, 4 hours. And then another bus from New York City to Binghamton which is in upstate New York, another 4 hours.
This particular friend who the email was for, he and I were in the same class in primary school for two years. We met again in high school and kept in touch.
He writes poetry, captivating emails, can draw and paint, and like me, likes to philosophize on life.


I think I was overwhelmed by the length of your email last time. Overwhelmed being a positive thing in this case. I was waiting for an opportunity to match up, but that opportunity has not come by yet, so I decided to drop you a few lines today. After reading your email, again, for the third time now.

I thought it was pretty funny (like funny ha ha ha) that you said you like kids with masikio bye-bye -it’s what I call them. (Masikio is ears, and ‘masikio bye-bye’ are ears that seem to be saying goodbye because they’re prominent). Although I do agree it is kinda cute. I mean look at Will Smith and how loved he is especially by girls. I mean it’s his charm, his humor, but I think, mostly the ears. The ears are certainly cute.

So, as planned, I went to Binghamton, which is a city in the north of New York state, for the weekend. My aunt lives there, with her two daughters, my cousins. I had things for them from home- Royco, Milo, Nivea lotion, Tea masala, Pilau masala, Ketepa tea- so I was taking the stuff to them, but also just going to see them, to give them a little taste of home, all the stories and latest updates. It was an eight hour trip by road each way, but it was worth it. Those long trips are actually pretty fun for me because I get to stare out of the window and get lost in my own thoughts. I get to read, and snack, and sleep, and don’t have to worry about anything because someone else is on the wheel and there’s not much else I can do. And it’s always lovely to spend time with them, it’s like a piece of home, very far away from home.

Now we were discussing love. Your frame of mind is very interesting especially in saying one must choose between it and wealth. I think it’s a beautiful thing. Love, that is. But it requires a lot of courage and a lot of trust. On all parts. Be it a mother and child, a husband and wife, a boyfriend and girlfriend, a child and its pet, a friend and a friend, brother and sister etc. It’s tough but it’s a beautiful wonderful thing. It’s what makes the world go round. Even when people say that money makes the world go round, it’s actually the love of money that makes the world go round.

Other than that, school is going fine, we’re back to running around, full swing.You do realize that when I say running around, I don’t mean literal running around because I told you about my history with physical activities. It is non-existent.

Actually while we’re on that, I’m taking yoga this semester. I went for my first class yester-morning and it was pure heaven; so relaxing, so so relaxing. It’s like… I don’t even know what to compare it with. The instructor is great, she made us think of blue skies and what-not, and I who am so prone to dreaming, day and night, found my perfect niche in that class. Well I’m taking it to get physical fitness, posture, and meditation skills. Besides that, it also fulfills the Wellesley PE requirement. And of course being who I am, I opt for the easiest PE activity there is. I’ll let you know how it goes progressively.

Thanks again for the poems.
I hope you succeed in acquiring both love and wealth. It’s not too long a shot. There are many who have been able to find both, so I know for sure that it’s possible.

I also hope that it rains soon, so you can walk in the rain. But I hope that the cold you catch after that won’t be too bad. Colds can be very bothersome.

I must go now. But I’ll write again soon. Promise.
Keep well.



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