And Then Someone Calls You

Written on March 20, 2014

And then someone calls you,
And they remind you of who you are,
They tell you that it will be okay,
They remind you that they are there,
That there is a yesterday, a today, and a tomorrow.
The person talks with passion and compassion,
With confidence and sincerity.
It gets to a point where you keep quiet.
You let them talk, because their words are like a balm.
They need no interjections.
Nothing more than Yes and Amen.
You hold on to the phone tightly.
You hold it even closer to your ear.
Your eyes fill with tears.
Tears of gratitude.
And when the conversation is over.
You say Thank You.
You say it with all your heart.
But you wish there was a word stronger than Thank You.
You wish there was a way of saying,
In this moment, in this particular moment,
at this specific point of my life,
your words, your faith, your confidence, your concern,
your phone call,
is more than words could express.
Dedicated to those whose phone calls have uplifted, healed, encouraged,
empowered all of us.
Not just today but yesterday and tomorrow as well.
I thank you.


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