Breaking Sugar Dishes

11th January 2014

Today, my darling, you turn 9. Well, 9 months old. You are still such a joy to watch. Your energy is infectious. We can’t get over your smile. Especially when you act like you are blushing. And your chuckle. Your sweet laughter when we tickle you.

We love how you can now stand holding on to the stool, the table, seats, people’s knees. How when you wake up nowadays you hoist yourself up to stand in your cot. And when you fall you just get up and try again. How you have no idea how dangerous it is for you to tilt yourself over the edge of your cot. How when we bring you to our bed you are so full of activity, stepping on us, climbing your dad’s tummy, pinching his nose, wanting my phone until you see his then you drop mine because his looks more attractive.

We love to hear you speak as you say ‘babababababa’, ‘tatatatatata’, ‘mamamamama’. We have no idea what you’re saying but you seem very serious about whatever it is. So we agree with you.

We still love to watch you sleep. You are so handsome and beautiful, so innocent and peaceful in your sleep. I love to watch you and your dad sleep. I marvel and thank God for two such wonderful blessings.

You’ve already broken a sugar dish with your games of pulling table mats off the table, and we are told it’s only the beginning. You tickle us with your antics especially when you squeeze your eyes to try and show just how upset you are, and there are no tears, and you open you eyes to see if we are reacting.

We still don’t get why you crawl in reverse, going backwards, ending up sometimes under the couch, but it’s very cute to watch.
It’s interesting how you are convinced that licking is the same as kissing, and how you see us kissing your cheeks and forehead and you want to appreciate the affection but you just lick us instead.

You’ve put porridge on the seats, and often dirty our clothes with your butternut, mashed potatoes, mangoes, bananas, avocado. But it’s your house and these things are yours so you have every right.

We love how you splatter water all over the floor when you are being bathed, and how you refuse to stay still when we are trying to change your diaper.

You have grown up so much, and yet you are still so young, so little, so precious.

We have to wrestle the remotes from your tiny hands, and somehow you have such a firm grip when you are determined that no one but Lukundo gets that remote. So now your dad has resorted to taking out the batteries, and you still haven’t figured out why the remote is then handed to you gladly, have you?

You are a joy to our siblings, cousins, friends, parents, aunties, uncles, neighbors – you will one day learn that they are your aunties, uncles, grandparents, and cousins. It’s so nice to see you recognize and remember faces, and to see you take time to familiarize yourself with people before feeling free to ‘kiss ‘ them or pinch their noses.

You, my dear, are a joy, a blessing, a gift, a treasure. We are so lucky to have you. And are so grateful for the past 9 months.
We look forward to -and pray for- hundreds of months ahead. May God bless you and keep you, Baby, as you turn 9 months old today. Thank you for all the laughs and love.

With all our love, your Mum, Shibs, and Dad, Poriot.


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