Doctors’ Strike

27th September 2012
There was a doctors’ strike going on in Kenya, and a stand-off between their Union and the government
The Minister of Medical Services at the time was Prof. Anyan’g Nyong’o
If only his track record was as glowing and positive as his daughter’s now is

When you have a Minister of Medical Services who is arrogant and careless enough to threaten to fire all the doctors in a country that already has a deficit of doctors,
When the president and prime minister of that same country don’t say a word about that kind of madness,
When doctors have to plead to get medical services improved,
And media houses still give the wrong story.
While Parliament goes on talking about gender balance, while your average Kenyan who can’t afford going to a private hospital watches the whole debacle in despair,
When you have such a country…
More specifically when you live in such a country,
You know you’re really in trouble.
It makes you want to get on the streets and start a revolution.
A real one. A proper one.
One that will get some real results.

This particular strike was resolved after much back and forth.
But it was neither the first nor the last.
Unfortunately to this date, June 2014, medical services are still very wanting in Kenya.
But who cares? Those who make policies and who should be checking to ensure the smooth running of medical facilities, the provision of medical supplies, machinery, tools and medication; those people never go to public hospitals. So I suppose it’s none of their business.
So your regular mwananchi, more than a year after the strike(s), is still stuck in the same place.
Hoping against hope that when they get to the hospital, they will be served, treated, and they will live.


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