First Fathers Day

Sunday 16th June 2013
Our Baby was 2 months old
To Poriot
Celebrating my favorite dad in town,
one of the newest ones in the game.
One who is fast learning to distinguish
what different cries mean.
The size of diapers, the brand of wipes,
The variations between Cussons and Johnson’s
Baby soap, Baby jelly, Baby oil.
One who is caring and gentle.
Loving and kind.
Generous and thoughtful.
Who has great dreams for his child.
Who stays calm even in moments of uncertainty.
One who, even in all the excitement of the new arrival,
still prioritizes the mother of his child,
and treats her as a delicate treasure.
One who works hard everyday,
saves, plans, invests,
and ensures that his family doesn’t lack anything that he can provide.
A young dad who is learning on the job and giving it his utmost best.
A young dad who doesn’t pretend to know it all,
Who admits when he is wrong,
when he is unsure,
when he is worried.
A young dad who is enthusiastic about the responsibilities and joys that come with being a family man.
A young dad who is also a young husband.
My husband.
Grateful for him,
and praying for his health, happiness, wisdom, and long life.
As he is now, not only a man,
But a Dad.
A Father.



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