First Mother’s Day

First Mother’s Day
Sunday 12th May 2013

And when it happens,
you love with all your heart,
you watch him sleep,
when he wakes you want him to know you’re there,
when he cries you cannot focus on anything else,
you worry about whether he has burped,
has he peed,
has he pooped,
your arms get tired,
your back too,
yet you know you could hold him for hours on end if he needed you to,
you eat better because you know you’re his only source of food,
you look into his eyes, his little face,
and your eyes, your face, light up and tear up,
you cherish his grip on your finger,
his active kicks,
his side smile,
the way he stretches,
the coo-ing sounds he makes,
you pray for him more than yourself,
you want to protect him,
to provide for his every need,
you bless him,
embrace him,
slather him with affection,
your body,
your mind,
your heart,
your life,
When you become a mother.
And as far as blessings go,
this one is
truly one of the biggest.

My baby was a month old.
It was my First Mother’s Day as a mother.



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