Health Insurance and Coaches

Talk about being on different pages
8th May 2013
When Lukundo was a day shy of 4 weeks old
We were at home enjoying our maternity and paternity leave

So, I’m busy telling Poriot about health insurance and adding the baby to our cover etc etc, when suddenly, having read something on his phone, he gasps, puts a hand to his chest and looks genuinely stricken.
Quickly, panicked, I ask, ‘What?! What’s wrong? Has someone died? Are you okay? What’s wrong?’
He says, ‘Ferguson [of Manchester United] is retiring.’
Phew! Not a death in the family, I think to myself, relieved.
Being the good wife that I am (you know?), I take a moment and say, ‘Oh okay, sorry.’
Feeling like I’ve done due diligence I go on, “Yah, so what I was saying was….’
“He’s been there for 26 years! 26 years!” Poriot goes on.
I knew then that my whole story of medical cover was going nowhere.
So I carried on taking my sour porridge (It’s good for milk when you’re nursing).
And shifted gears to discussing Ferguson.
And how we hope that Man U finds someone to fill his big shoes.
Because 26 years IS a long time. And what a legacy too!
Guess we’ll be talking about that insurance another time then.



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