Punches and Kicks

Written really late at night
On 26th February 2013
To Lukundo, before he was born.
I was 34 weeks along.

I see you move,
I feel you move,
As you wriggle and flutter in there,
I feel your every move.
I think to myself,
What a miracle,
That you’ve managed to make a playground for yourself in there.
What a blessing,
That you feel safe enough,
To do your little somersaults and karate kicks,
And you know you won’t get hurt.
That I get to house you,
feed you,
carry you,
protect you,
It’s an honor I can never explain.
I haven’t met you,
At least not formally yet,
In that shaking hands and nodding kind of way,
But I love you already.
With all my heart.
Now slow down on the playing a little,
You see, on this side of the world,
People sleep at night my dear.
And your Mum would like to sleep.
So give me one little shake,
We can even make it a punch,
And then let’s sleep my darling.
Good night…
Your Mum.

Interestingly, tomorrow, 1st of July 2014, I will be 34 weeks along with my second baby.
And the feelings are much the same.




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