Sitting In Hospital

Saturday 13th April 2013
Our baby was born late at night on Thursday 11th April 2013.
We shared news of his arrival with friends and family on the morning of Friday 12th April.
It was about the time when the new Pope (Francis) had just been chosen following Pope Benedict XVI (Ratzinger)’s resignation.
Pope Francis had just been selected and appointed a month earlier on 13th March 2013.
So the picture that Poriot posted on Facebook right after LL was born had the caption ‘Habemus Babum!’. You know, from ‘Habemus Papam’.
For those who got the reference, it was hilarious. By the way ‘Baby’ in Latin is not really ‘Babum’ so this was just on a light note.
A cousin of mine, though, totally missed it and called me very concerned to ask what kind of name we had given the baby.
Why? I asked. Well, I’m told you guys have called him Habemus something…
I clarified. But not before we both had a good laugh.
She was relieved that his name was in fact Lukundo, which means Love in my mother tongue.
In the same vain, our announcing SMS to friends, colleagues, neighbors and family said ‘White Smoke! Baby Boy weighing….born at…….. Hospital. Mother and baby are well’
We were flooded with messages of Congratulations from far and wide, and a stream of excited visitors at the hospital.

I wrote this post below on that Saturday afternoon after visiting hours.
The nurse had just brought Lukundo to me that lunch time while some friends and family were with us. When she wheeled him , he received a rousing welcome of Oooh’s and Aaah’s to the ward and the world.
Prior to this, he had been in the nursery as I needed to recuperate (I had had a CS) and he also needed monitoring (he had had fetal distress that necessitated the emergency CS).

When I wrote this we were alone, Poriot, Lukundo and myself. For the first time as a family of three.
It was one of the most powerful, most beautiful afternoons of my life.
That afternoon, sitting at the hospital.

I’m sitting here in hospital with baby and his father.
One asleep in the cot, the other dozing on the seat.
And me on the bed.
I cannot express in words the feeling in my heart.
It is awe, joy,
wonder, gratitude.
I am grateful for all the posts,
likes, messages,
status updates,
phone calls,
emails, SMS’es,
hospital visits,
flowers, fruits,
fruit juice,
cards, gifts,
hugs, kisses,
concern, congrats,
love, kindness,
and most of all for this young gift
that we have been granted,
Baby Lukundo.
May everyone we know,
Who is so happy for us and with us
Be truly blessed,
not necessarily with a baby,
or with fruits and flowers.
But in whichever way they wish and hope for,
May they be blessed as abundantly as we are right now,
and more.



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