When Baby Moses Went to South Africa

Written on 24th April 2012
After dropping my brother off at the airport on a Tuesday morning
He was on his way to South Africa to visit my Aunt Susan and her family
It was his first trip outside of Kenya
Poriot and I plus my Mum and Aunt and Uncle had worked really hard to make it happen
As a treat for him
But now that it was really happening
I found that I was a bunch of nervous knots
Yet he was 23 at the time
So not really a Baby, per se
But my Baby Brother all the same.
Hence always a Baby.
Baby Moses.

I just took my baby brother to the airport and watched though the glass window till he disappeared way past Immigration. I then called and texted him about ten times before he left. And now I can’t stop worrying, wondering if he’ll be okay. Wondering if they’ll treat him well on the plane. If the flight will be okay. No accidents or nothing. If he’ll be able to make his connection in Jo’burg. If he’ll be able to find his way. I guess this is how parents feel when they take their kids to kindergarten? Though, admittedly, he’s not my kid, he’s my mother’s son. And yes he’s not 3yrs old, he’s quite some years older than that, I know, I know… But he’s still my baby brother…Does that count???

Moses made it safely to Jo’burg and then Durban where he found my aunt eagerly waiting to receive him. He had a lovely holiday with our Aunt, Uncle and cousins Esther and Peter and their family friends. A few weeks later he made it back safely home. As you’ve guessed, Poriot and I and his girlfriend (that is, Moses’ girlfriend, not Poriot’s obviously 🙂 ) were there to receive him at the airport when he arrived on a chilly Friday evening. Seeing him come out with his bags on the trolley, smiling brightly, in his blue sweatshirt and jeans, I was so relieved. Because somehow it was like my Baby Brother had really grown up. He had proven that he could ‘travel the world’ on his own. I felt like that parent again, now at the end of the kid’s First Day at Kindergarten. And yet, he’s not my kid. He’s not even a kid. Except, well, he is. He is my kid brother.


2 thoughts on “When Baby Moses Went to South Africa

  1. moses msengeti says:

    One of the best times of my life. And to think of the selflessness and immense sacrifice you all made to make it happen. God bless you abundantly. The effects of the travel are still with me to date Clare can attest to that. Just last weekend I had to inform her that in case anything happens she should know that i have dual citizenship..Kenya/SA. Well now its out there its not a secret anymore..my citizenship i.e.
    Also, now with Lukundo and another one on the way, perhaps we should start thinking of dropping the Baby Moses name yeah?

    • Most welcome Moses. The dual citizenship, kudos, kudos. The Baby title, it is unaffected by the existence or arrival of other children, they cannot replace you- they just add to the number of Babies.

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