Little Squeaky Shoes

Monday 18th August 2014

It has happened. Lukundo has his first pair of noisy shoes. You know, those ones that make a sound like a little trumpet every time the child walks. Irony is that his Wawa (grandma) is the one who bought them for him, and she is not a fan of those noisy shoes at all. She went with him to get them and only on reaching home when he started walking around with them did she realize that they make noise. She was like “Oh no! Oh no!” We even thought something catastrophic had happened and all came running to check, but it was just her reacting to the earth-shattering realization that the shoes squeak. My brother Peter is like, “Hizo ni viatu wamebuy ama ni ringtone?” ( Are those shoes or a ringtone?) LOL. Meanwhile, Lukundo, as you can imagine, is thrilled. He can’t stop walking around. Even when he sits he is stamping his feet on the floor just to hear the sound. On the bright side, now we won’t have to wonder where he is, we can just follow the sound. As for wearing them to church, that won’t be happening. We don’t want him to be THAT child who everyone is looking at with bad eyes thinking, What’s wrong with this kid’s parents?

Little thrills with little ones and little shoes on a Monday evening.


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