One Week with Lulu

Tuesday 12th August 2014
This was actually her EDD. But she was born a week earlier.

A week ago, on this day, Poriot and I drove to hospital in the early morning, anxious, hopeful, and fearful. A few hours later, at exactly five minutes to one pm, we witnessed one of the most beautiful moments of life- the birth of a baby. Our second baby. Lulu. A pearl. It was not lost to me, to us, what a miracle it was. What a miracle it all is, as so much could have gone wrong, and sometimes does in that journey and process of bringing forth a life. Yet there we were, alive and well. And here we still are.

Today, exactly a week later, she has grown quite a bit in the seven days. She sleeps a lot, but that’s expected at this stage. They sleep 23 hours a day we are told. I mean who would have thought it was possible to sleep that much! I cherish the moments when she is awake as it’s beautiful to see her eyes. She is still tiny, so tiny that some new-born size clothes fit only loosely. But tiny as she is, she is a huge blessing. I feel like I could look at her all day, admire her, marvel at her -but that would be a little much, or would it?

Her brother Lukundo turned one year four months old yesterday and he seems so much older even though he too is still a baby. He can ‘high five’, ‘gota‘ (give you a very cool punch) and go up the stairs on his own. He knows how to poke his chest and forehead with his fingers when praying (an attempt at making the Sign of the Cross), and he knows how to say ‘Asante‘ and ‘Thank you’ – which for some reason he whispers. He takes his cup to the kitchen after finishing his milk or water, and tries to put it on the counter which shows he will be very responsible- well, hopefully.

Most interestingly, he knows and likes his little sister. He calls her Titi, for Toto (baby), and he keeps running to her bed to check on her. When she cries or whimpers he is the first to inform us all that it’s ‘Titi’, as he points to and runs to her. I’m not sure I can let him quite stroke her hair yet; he has attempted several times but I fear how ‘gentle’ he will be when he succeeds given his innocent enthusiasm 🙂

What can I say after a week with Lulu? Well, what comes to my mind is Thank You. I am thankful for all the support and love that we have seen from near and far. I am thankful for friends and family who visited us in hospital and those continuing to visit at home bearing generous gifts and goodwill. I am thankful for everyone who has sent lovely messages through calls, texts, posts, likes, pictures, emails.

I am grateful for Lukundo and Lulu’s dad, Poriot, who keeps proving day after day that he is a gem of a husband; truly, the rarest and best of them all. I am also thankful for my mum who is a super mum in all ways of the word and is an amazing Wawa (grand-mum) to her grandchildren. I am thankful for my sister-in-law Dorothy, who fretted and worried over us when we were in hospital and after, and who’s always there for us like a mother goose. I am thankful for our Aunt Ettah who is happily taking care of children and everything and everyone at Bethel Home, allowing us to be here in Nairobi on ‘maternity and paternity leave’. I am grateful for my brothers, Peter and Moses, my cousin Anjelicah, and my sisters Mary and Bella who are so helpful to me as I recover. I imagine it’s not easy to keep assisting and serving an adult ‘invalid’ but they are so patient. Thank God for family, thank God for friends, and thank God for kindness.

As I look forward to and hope for many more weeks of blessings, I am extremely grateful for the one that has just ended. It has been a special, beautiful, monumental, precious, unforgettable week. Like a gem. Like a pearl. Like…Lulu.


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