Love You Mum!

Tuesday 17th March 2015

We are out for the day with Poriot. Having run errands in the morning, we sit to have a quick lunch somewhere before we can go on to the afternoon busy-ness. I call home to find out how the babies are doing. After talking to Mary, she asks if I want to talk to Lukundo. “Yes!” I say enthusiastically.

Lukundo comes on and says, “Sasa Mum?” (Hello Mum?). “Poa sana Baby,” I say, “Sasa?” (I’m very well, Baby. And you?) Mary had told me that they were taking a walk so I thought that Luksy may not be able to talk as much. Turns out, like his mum, nothing can ever stop him from holding a good hearty conversation. Forget passers-by, outside noise and whatnot. Lukundo tells me that Lulu slept and woke up. (“Lulu melala aka amuta (amuka)”) And that I should come home with Daddy. And that he had eaten ‘Abu’ (Weetabix) and they were going to Dutani (Dukani- to the shop).

Then he finished by saying, in these exact words, “Haya! Haya Mum! Love you! Love you, Mum!” (Haya is like “Okay”. I say it a lot when finishing conversations over the phone, looks like Little Boy has been listening).

That last part- the part of love you- my heart melted. In fact I think my heart stopped altogether. Is this how constricting vessels feel like!? Ah, tears. This boy is a gem. He is so special; I don’t know what to tell him. I often tell him, “Love you Baby!” “G’night Baby, love you.” “Bye Baba, love you!” And now he is saying it back and it’s made the sun shine ever so brightly. Tuesday afternoon mundane-not-so-mundane stories. Love you Lukundo!


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