For Moses

Monday 23rd March 2015

For My Brother Moses on His 26th Birthday

When I was four and my second born brother, Peter, was three, our mum and dad came home one day carrying the lightest-skinned baby we had ever seen in our lives. He was very light, very cute and very delicate. When he cried he would turn red, and we were quite fascinated with him. As he grew older, he only grew cuter. When he was seven months old, God took our dad away, to that faraway place, but He left my mum with three gifts- the three of us, and together we would survive.

Our brother learned to eat, and talk. Peter and I taught him to walk using table stools, dragging them on the floor, making noise for our downstairs neighbors. His smile lit up rooms, but he would cry, very properly, dramatically and loudly, when we bullied him, getting us in trouble when Mummy came home in the evening from work.

When he was in kindergarten, he started coming up with excuses not to go to school- stomachache, chest pains, etc. But Mummy saw right through him- he just wanted to join his big sis and big bro in the same school. So in class one, he joined us in our school, and we took it upon ourselves to protect him. And we did.

Through the years, he was always our baby brother. At one point Peter and I went to boarding high school while he was still in primary, so he remained at home alone with Mummy and our cousin and aunts who lived with us. He grew really chubby during this time and we made fun of him that he was now eating all the food and drinking all the milk on our behalf. He then went to high school where he shone in leadership and in class and in choir just as he had shone in primary school. The little cute baby had grown into a handsome young man, and girls really liked him. He was somewhat shy but not really. He had lines and he was very charming.

He finished high school successfully and went on to university. He remained grounded through university, and graduated very honorably with the same degree as our late dad had many years ago. He then landed a job and moved out and is now on his own.

But he is not a man on his own. He, throughout the years, has carried all of us with him. Through all his journeys of growth. Through all the experiences of pain, disappointments, joy, success, surprises…he has carried all of us with him. He was our baby brother, but now he is more than that. He is a confidant, the most reliable person you can ever have in your corner, the one who never ignores phone calls, and the one who comes to the rescue when things are really thick. He is a listener, and he encourages and uplifts without saying too much. He says just enough.

He is the person you don’t want to miss in a party, he dances and dances well. He makes us laugh. He imitates people and is an actor in waiting. He takes issues seriously and is called upon even by our Mum to help with decision making. He sorts out her car and other errands like a good son should. He is a doting Uncle, a loving brother-in-law, many people’s favorite cousin and a loyal friend.

He is God-fearing and he is real, doesn’t pretend and doesn’t indulge in talking ill about other people. He is humble and respectful, and he never forgets others. Never forgets where he came from. He is fun, oh so fun, and he is lovable, he is brilliant, he is intelligent.

He has lifted me, us, up so many times, and has made so many otherwise dreary days to be hopeful and meaningful. He has shared in life-defining moments and been there to create memories with and to reminisce upon them. He is our blessing, our Baby of the house, my little brother, Moses. Today is his birthday.

I hope you never change, Mosee. We love you. We thank God for you and I thank you, so, very much for who you are and continue to be.

With all my love. Absolutely, always, Your big sis.


One thought on “For Moses

  1. Moses Msengeti says:

    This is awesome Shibs. Still trying to figure whether its me really you are talking about. Thanks so much for this tribute, and also for playing a major role in making me who I am today. God bless your amazing writing skills. God bless you.

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