For United World College Class of 2005

Thursday, 16th April, 2015

I Shall Miss Reunion
Hello Friends, eish, it’s been forever, hey!

What I would give to see you all again! To dance to our songs in the Student Center in the basement of the Castle- Nkalakatha, Nameless’s Mimi na Wewe, Habibi, Aisha, Macarena, Tempted to Touch, Color Esperanza, Cent-Five Cents-Ten Cents-Dollar, Maahive, It’s My Life… To sing together and listen to people play the guitar, and talk late into the night about world peace and about things we care about.

To hold hands and hug tight and cry and laugh and care and share.

To climb the many, many, stairs from Lower Campus to the Castle.

To ride into Las Vegas in the blue and white buses, and breath the dry air of New Mexico. To line up in the dining hall, underneath our fancy chandeliers, for brunch buffets and to spend hours at the dinner table laughing more than eating.To sit in class under the tutelage of intelligent, dedicated, witty, loving, faculty.

To watch the snow fall outside from inside the science labs, the library, the computer labs, the day rooms, the dorm rooms; to listen to the rain and watch movies on laptops while sitting on each others beds, eating Ramen noodles.

Sadly, I won’t make it to the- our 10th- reunion. But I am hopeful that by our 15th or 20th or 25th reunion we will ALL be well (and doing well) enough to make it across the oceans- and roads – to see each other in Montezuma.

Till then, I will be there in spirit. I can’t wait to see the pictures from this year’s Reunion.

I hold you – and our teachers and staff, and our first years and second years- dear in my heart. I am so grateful to have gone to UWC, to ours in specific, as it was such a wonderful, magical, yet real, place; and to have done so at the same time as you guys.

As you may or may not recall, I am not really good at being brief. Or unsentimental. But why use few words when you can use many- and mean them all?!

Many warm hugs from Nairobi, to you all wherever you are in the world. Please let’s keep being great at whatever we each are doing, and hope that it counts for one thing or another, in a good, positive, way.

Lots of Love,



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