For Poriot’s 2015 Birthday

Friday, 25th September, 2015

What do I say to a person who is my rock, my wings, my heartbeat, my pillar of strength, compass, my silver lining on the cloud, my rainbow, my sunshine, my rain?

There are many things I could talk about, Poriot, but what sticks out most for me, is that you have remained my best and true friend, through thick and thin, through rough patches and happy times. You color my world and make every storm so much more bearable because you are right there on top of it, handling it, dealing with it, calming it.

The fact that I know you are just a tap or a phone call away, that I can count on you for anything, anything at all, at any time, even if it means you changing your own plans, even if it means you going out of your way, even if it means forgoing your comfort is what I really marvel at. That kind of selflessness is what I have come to rely so much on, and sometimes I wonder if I am not spoiled.

The fact that I can talk to you about everything, every single thing, and have you listen is what makes me so safe in your presence. The fact that I can be myself and not be afraid that you will judge me allows me to be the best of me and to be authentic. The many times I feel discouraged, disillusioned, small and unworthy; and you restore me and lift me up, how do I thank you for that? The many times that something good, big or small, happens and you hear it in my voice, and my face lights up and you see it and you smile at me, with me, how can I describe that kind of solidarity? The many times we can just sit and our conversation is half verbal, half non-verbal, and there is absolutely no need to explain why or why not, is why I feel that there is truly such a thing as soul-mates.

The many, many, times where we have no ‘plot’ or ‘plans’ except knowing that we just want to hang out together whether we are taking a walk to the shops or reading the papers at home, or going to look for nyama choma, or watching Wedding Show (okay that’s mostly me. That and Woman Without Limits, lol), or you watching a Series and me not getting what the thrill is about…and yet, these very mundane things are the things that build into unforgettable, invaluable memories.

I don’t know what I could really say to someone like you, who is beyond special to me. It is a blessing to be your wife, it is a blessing to be able to share in your every day and to walk this journey called life with you. You are an amazing dad, and a hero already to Lukundo and Lulu. They are so blessed and lucky to have you and I pray, pray, pray, that you will be there to see them grow until such a time when they too can be heroes for you.

I pray that your star continues to shine, that God continues to bless you and lift you. That He will continue to hear your prayers, to guide you and guard you. That He will see you fulfill your purpose and that He will grant you your heart’s desires, in accordance with His will.

May you never stop being kind, may you never stop being generous, and by all means, please, may you never stop enjoying life, each step of the way. May life be kind to you and may people meet you with the same energy and positivity that you meet them.

With much respect, admiration and gratitude, I write this for you, about you, to you. I am so happy that you are turning a year older, because it’s a start to another 365 days of greatness, of growth, of failures turned into lessons, challenges turned into opportunities and dreams turned into reality. Another year of fabulousness. Another year of being you.

Happy birthday, my dear. Happy, happy, happy birthday.


One thought on “For Poriot’s 2015 Birthday

  1. Auntie says:

    Well, well, Shibs?
    Speak of genuine and fierce love….so beautifully and poetically expressed.
    Our prayers and wishes for God to sustain your wonderful relationship and friendship. I know He will..Trust Him and lean on Him big time.
    Poriot is no doubt a wonderful and caring person. We thank God that the two of you walked into each other’s paths and made it one. i can only imagine how special this one path/environment you have created will be for Lulu and her brother Luksy as they grow up.



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