Work, Words, Weaves, Waves

For International Women’s Day

Tuesday 8th March 2016

The ones who have raised us, the ones who continue to raise the bar,
the ones who inspire and motivate, who encourage in times of drought.
Who have taught us to laugh and dance,
to sway our hips and gloss our lips.

The ones who give up their likes for those they like,
the ones who eat last, who wake up first,
who pick themselves up after they fall,
who are not afraid to ask for help,
the ones who lend money, clothes, time, a shoulder.

The ones who day in, day out, live with uncertainty
but don’t let it show in their eyes,
the ones who are lied to but still choose to believe
in truth
and hope for light.

The ones who are loyal, who will never let you down.
Who would rather die than watch their ilk suffer.
Who build homes with blood, sweat, tears,
mud, stones, bricks, grass, cash.

The ones who balance careers, babies, family, school,
partners, husbands, society,
expectations .
Who clean homes, streets, churches, offices.
The ones who do hair, nails, face, beautifying the others.
The ones who make beds, nurse wounds, till land, wipe tears, teach,
The ones who talk, the ones who write, the ones that sing.
The ones who make decisions in board rooms and sign hiring letters,
who do appraisals and give feedback and promote.

The ones who defend their honor and that of those around them.
The ones who are courageous, fearless, naughty,
The ones who are unafraid to live.
The ones who give life.

These are the women I dedicate this day to.
And I am so blessed to know, to love,
to be loved and surrounded by so many of them.
All around me, all my life.
I hope we raise our daughters to be like this too.
I hope we always raise each other.

Happy International Women’s Day folks, as we celebrate ourselves.
And all the women in our lives, in the world.
And the men who respect, honor, protect, love and raise us.
As we celebrate our unique journeys, our shared struggles, our triumphs.

Our presence on this earth.
Our very being.


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