All Souls Day, 2016

Wednesday 2nd November 2016

For all loved and missed souls on this 2016 All Souls Day.

Those who left us, who went ahead of us, we remember you today with much love and affection. We miss you. We still love you. We are thankful for the time that we had with you. We are hopeful that we will meet again some day, and what joy there shall be!

Wonder if you will still be the same? Wonder if you will laugh the same and smile the same. You remain in our hearts forever. We cried for you, we still cry sometimes when we remember what you were and what could have been if you were still around. But such is life, we are only here for a while.

What is it like to be gone, dear ones? Are you gone, gone like for real gone, no hearing anything, no seeing anything, no feeling anything? Just like that, gone for good? How intriguing, how sad.

Yet here we are, living our lives as if the universe owes us. Living our lives as if we are better than those before us and those behind us. Yet, we are just passing by too. Just here to make our mark and then leave. Just here to experience this thing called life with all its surprises and shocks, here to be each other’s keepers, fellow voyagers.

One day and we have no idea when, we’ll reach our stop and we’ll have to get off the bus. We may have time to wave goodbye or maybe not. What will that be like, I wonder? How much will we have done before that, I wonder? How much good? How much nonsense that makes no impact at all? How much hurt will we have healed? How much pain will we have alleviated? Or caused? How much goodness will we have spread? I wonder. Maybe just enough, maybe not?

Those of you who have gone, you did your part, you served your time, so to speak. Those who hurt others and left in a bad way, I don’t know what to say, I hope you become better people in the next life, if there is one…

Those whom we miss, rest well. But if there’s singing and dancing in that faraway place, then by all means, dance well. Dance heartily. We here are still dancing, somehow, each day. The music is tough sometimes, you know? Sometimes it’s too loud, too noisy, too angry, but we dance. And sometimes it is beautiful and soulful, sometimes slow, sometimes exciting and upbeat, and we dance then too. Enough of that. We don’t want to start crying now. Like I said, we remember you with love and we miss you.

For all loved and missed souls on this 2016 All Souls Day.


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