Amnesia by any other name

Thursday 10th November 2016

Today in Amnesia-ville.

I was rushing to get home early from work. Hubby calls and says he is done for the day. I say that’s great, I am too, but it’s okay he doesn’t need to come pick me as I have already left the gate and I am near the stage and just about to board a matatu.

“A matatu?” He asks.
I say, “Yes, why?”
Kwani what happened to the car?” He asks.
Me thinking, ‘The car, the car…’
He is like, “You have the car, no?”
I could not believe it. I forgot who dropped who this morning. He’s right. My gosh. And the way I was even almost catching a ride home earlier with a colleague just that by the time she was leaving I wasn’t done with some work.

Thank God because now the following day we’d both have had to commute to work by matatu or train which is no problem at all, of course, except it’s a little silly when you do have a car that is sitting peacefully at a parking lot having been forgotten there overnight by Yours Truly.

Needless to say, I walked back through the gate. The guards whom I had enthusiastically bid goodbye on my way out were like, “You forgot something?”
Haha. “Yes, I did.” They were so tickled when I told them what it is I had forgotten.

I clearly need to get more serious with life… or something…


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