Lessons from Little Hearts

Monday 7th November 2016

Our son has been unwell this weekend, since Thursday – to be precise. But this Monday morning he is feeling better, thank God. Just now, he was speaking to his Wawa (his grandma – our mum) on phone and he told her that he is feeling better now.  His little sister said she is feeling better now too, even though she hasn’t been unwell but who wants to be left out of this ‘feeling better’ party? Bless her.

As soon as he hang up from talking with his Wawa, he told me he is going to the Clinic [it’s in the neighborhood so he can walk there].

‘Why?’ , I asked.

To tell Lorna that his head doesn’t hurt anymore, he said.

Lorna is the clinician who treated him when his fever was really high and his head was aching on Saturday and both his dad and mum were away from home.

How incredible that a little child knows that when someone helps you in times of trouble and things eventually get better, you go back to say ‘Thank You’. How simple yet how profound.

 May we always have people near us who can help us get better, but more importantly, may we not forget to thank them when we do.


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