Still with You

Wednesday 9th November 2016

What a beautiful concession speech, full of grace and wisdom and, despite the despair of this moment, a call to keep believing, to keep fighting for what is right and good.

I can only imagine what your acceptance speech would have been like, Hillary, because this one you have just given is incredibly strong and positive. We are so proud of you, I am so proud of you.

As you have said, there are more seasons to come and we must keep working. All of us, little boys and little girls, grown ups too, men and women. Nothing should stop us from trying our very best to shatter those ceilings, to make our dreams come true.

Thank you for showing maturity, humility and true leadership, you are still our favorite, my favorite. You are still a star, let nothing dim your light, not even this disappointing outcome.

You are, we are, greater, stronger, bigger than our moments of ‘Oh no’, our moments of ‘Why’, our moments of ‘That should have gone differently’. Much, much greater, stronger, bigger…


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